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Freezing Garlic

How to Freeze Garlic

Freezing Garlic Guide Even though garlic stays fine for quite a long time before it sprouts or goes bad, sometimes you might really want to freeze it to preserve it for longer. If you’d like … Read more

Freezing Tofu How to

How to Freeze Tofu

Freezing Tofu Guide Have you ever had any leftover tofu that you really didn’t want to discard, but you couldn’t use it before it would go bad either? If so, freezing tofu might be the … Read more

How to Freeze Yogurt

How to Freeze Yogurt

Freezing Yogurt Guide Yogurt is one of quite a few dairy products that can be frozen successfully, but it’s not a product that freezes very well. Truth be told, some people are satisfied with the … Read more

Simple Vegan Stir Fry

This is really quick and easy to prepare and you can use a wide variety of vegetables according to what you have to hand. If you don’t have a wok, a large, deep frying pan … Read more